16 January 2009

Wristlets - round two

Here's the update on the wristlets. I managed to restart the first part and thankfully they are in the correct gauge. I didn't get very far today because I started rather late and am a bit tired, but yay - they will probably be finished this weekend "crossing my fingers." I am hoping to finish half of the project tomorrow and then cast on for the second half as well. We shall see how far I get though because I have to move into an apartment for school on Sunday, but I will be coming back home Sunday night. I think that I am only going to bring projects that I've started to school with me. I don't need any new tangents. At least if I get on a tangent with bringing only the projects that I have started, there will be some progress, instead of none. That way, when I finish these guys, I will have more room in my knitting baskets. I have three baskets that are bulging right now with yarn.

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