11 April 2007

Stitch Holders

Last week, my mom went out to lunch with her best friend and my mom told her how I had made decorative stitch holders. As it turned out my "aunt - 'name goes here'" wanted some too. These are the decorative stitch holders that I made for her and I guess she just absolutely loved them and told all of her knitting friends at work about them.

I do have to apologize about the picture quality though, it did turn out kind of blurry - my camera wasn't acting the best that day.

Felted Purse

This was the original yarn chosen for my knitting needle case, but as it turned out the pattern was incorrect by a few hundred yards of yarn needed for the case. My mom knitted and felted this bag for me. The only thing I did was pick out the fabric for the lining, sewed it, picked out the button for the closure, and crocheted and felted the loop to go around the button. It is lovely, although I do wish that the handle was one large one instead of the two winding around, but it gives the purse character nevertheless. My part on felting was rather easy. I took the loop and just rubbed it between my hands in the bathroom sink under hot water for awhile.

Felted Knitting Needle Case

My felted knitting needle case is now complete. I've been working on it for awhile now. During my spring break, I knitted, felted, and left it at home to dry. I had pictures from the start, but unfortunately I can't find those pictures on either of my two cameras. I can however find pictures of veins/arteries models and models of hearts that I was studying, but I'm sure that isn't as interesting to any of you guys since this is a knitting blog after all. Just this past weekend, I picked out fabric and something to close the case. I am very proud of my straight lines that I sewed. I also searched through the button stash at home, sewed some on to add some flare and I sewed snaps on to keep the flap from moving about. It was good project for my first time felting something. I especially like it because now all of my needles are in one place!!