08 March 2010

My purse is finished

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted (2) M115 Oatmeal & (1) M185 Aubergine
Pattern: Damask by Berroco
Needles: US 10 Circulars 29"

I finally finished my purse. I managed to finish the knitting bit two weekends ago and went to the laundry mat to felt it last Tuesday. At JoAnn's there were lots of purse handles, but I liked the wooden ones the best. I thought that the dark color would complement the burgundy color in the purse nicely. At first I wasn't sure how to attach the handles but decided that the burgundy color would work well. I knitted a long thin strip for the attachment of purse handles and chained a long chain for the tie go go along the perimeter of the purse. They ended up going with a load of whites in the laundry at home, but didn't really felt nicely. Since there wasn't anything else to felt, going to the laundry mat wasn't an option, so I felted it in the shower - weird, yeah, but it worked. Lining was added and a magnetic snap to ensure it stays closed (thanks to mom).

Before felting: 17"x54" - not sewn together
After felting: 10"x15.5"

Well, here it is:

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