28 August 2011

8 Month Update

This is what I've been up to in the last 8 months!

Finished in May:

Yarn: 7.25 skeins Valley Yarns Goshen (17 Purple Haze)
Pattern: St. James by Tonya Wagner
Needles: US 7 & 8 Circs

If you make this, go with the stated bust size. Picking a size that correlates with a "Gap" size T doesn't work out very well. I’ve decided to omit the bow portion, as I may feel that it may get more annoying in the end. Instead I finished the T with a 1" seed stitch. It is a form fitting top & I have gotten a lot of complements. I would make this again (w/o the bow).

Finished in June:

Yarn: 2.5 skeins Cascade 220 (7811 Purple Jewel Heather)
Pattern: Two-Tone Ribbed Shrug by Stefanie Japel from Fitted Knits
Needles: US 4 & 7 Circs

Pattern says to use size 8 needles, and I did, but it was way too big. My problem is that I never knit a swatch first. I checked gauge and it looked okay. I think next time I need to make sure it’s more than just okay - otherwise I’ll always end up nearly finishing it and having it turn out way too big.

US 7 needles allowed me to obtain 5 sts/1”

This was a finals project that I ended up finishing during the second day of my Activator Elective. It may be me, or the directions, but there was an error when I did the collar. Instead of getting a nice 2 by 2 rib, I got 4 knit stitches in a row at the end. It was rather interesting finishing it up. Luckily the 4 knit stitches is near the axilla.

Started this in June:

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet (24 Red)
Pattern: Firestarter by Yarnissima
Needles: US 1 DPN

For the first week of my three week summer vacation, I was stuck in Davenport, IA to sit in on an elective. I did clep out two days into it, but I stuck around since most people don't really get much out of it, so I helped my friends. After finishing the Ribbed Shrug, I started the Firestarter socks & knitted during the entire elective (while I was front & center of the technique room - hey, I did clep out :-) ). I managed to get this far & unfortunately haven't touched it since.

During the 2nd week of my summer break, I went to Boston for 5-6 days. My trip to Boston was part business trip, part vacation/find out if I want to move out East. I shadowed 3 DOCs. I enjoyed 1 out of the 3, so at least it wasn't a total waste. One of them didn't follow protocol at all & the other forgot my name. Like my last trip, I absolutely loved Boston & in less than a year's time, I will be out there. I cannot wait!!! In June, I'm hoping to intern until I graduate in October of 2012 & then finally start my life as a Doctor. Of course, I got some yarn :-) I wanted to get yarn that was local. I went to four yarn shops: one in Salem (Seed Stitch Fine Yarn), one in Boston (Windsor Button), another in Cambridge (Mind's Eye Yarns), & finally in Acton (The Woolpack). I really enjoyed Seed Stitch Fine Yarn, The Woolpack, & Windsor Button, but the one in Cambridge was not that appealing. I found some local yarn at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn: Swans Island Certified Organic Merino Fingering (Beet Root). Swans Island is an island in Maine & during the summer, the Merino sheep are shipped off to the island & stay there. Once it's time to sheer their wool, they are shipped back to Maine & that's when the process begins. This is what I decided to make:

Yarn: Swans Island Certified Organic Merino Fingering (Beet Root)
Pattern: High Tides by Jocelyn P Prasad
Needles: US 6 Circs

Unfortunately, since school & clinic started, I have not had a chance to knit.

I ended up finding this in my stash. I got them a long time ago & finally decided what to make out of it:

Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Ushya (1705 Purple)
Pattern: Tank Top by Erika Knight from Fitted Knits

Yarn: Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) (P132)
Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A.

Well, that's all I have for now.