25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

It's been awhile, but I seem to be spending more time at school and the clinic now-a-days. We were in the student clinic from July -December and started in the outpatient clinic during the last week of November. To get a weekly knitting fix, I started going to the Quad City Stitch & Bitch every Wednesday. Unfortunately, I will be missing a 3 week block from being on vacation and an intense week at school.

For the last few months, I haven't knit a whole lot, but I did manage to start & finish a SMALL project.

Yarn: 1.25 skeins Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (color 59)
Pattern: Caroline by Hannah Ingalls
Needles: US 4 DPN

I started with the size large for the hat, but it was way too big. From reading other ravelry posts, this hat tends to run a little large. The size small stretches to fit my head, but it doesn't look like it's being stretched.

I have been knitting my Fiddlehead Mittens here and there, although I'm no far from being done. I'm about 20 rows from completing one of the stranded mittens though. I know that I'll finish these mittens some time, but I'm really not sure when.

There was a time, when I packed to go home for a period of time, I would just bring my UFO bin, but it became a lot to pack and carry around. Now, I just usually bring a project or two home to attempt to do. I've been in the mood to knit a sweater lately, so I ended up bringing the yarn to knit my Fair Isle Yoke Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I've been following Elizabeth's "Opionated Knitter," "Knitting Workshop," and "Knitting Around." The purple is my main color & I have decided to use the Sage, Black, Bleached White, Rose, and Blue BW as following stranded design:

I've chosen to knit a 36" round sweater, even though I have a 34" bust size. Unfortunately, my hips are not a 34," thus the 36."

Gauge: 4.5 sts to 1" with US 7 circs

CO 164
K2, P2 for 1"

Well, I haven't bought any yarn since my trip to Boston, but I did get yarn from Santa Claus for Christmas. The sad part was I was the one to pick it up from the lady's house off craigslist. I ended up getting 10 balls of Rowan Kid Classic (840 Crystal). This summer, I had a hard time deciding on what to make with it. I guess I've been in a mood to make a guernsey/fisherman type sweater, so the search became a lot easier. I've decided to make "An Aran Sweater (January)" by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I've decided on making it with a zipper, like what Blue Garter did, although for a female instead. I'm not sure when I'll get around to making it, but I know it'll be an adventuresome knit.