28 August 2007


Some people have a passion for shoes and have a bazillion of them. I on the other hand really like purses, jackets/coats, and sweaters. I'm not saying that I have a bazillion of each, but I do like them. Of course, my collection doesn't consist of a $400+ Coach, or whatever other brand that would cost the same amount. As you may have noticed, I have posted a few purses/bags and I have another one to add to the list and the Damsak is one of them. I got the pattern from my weekly Berroco Newsletter. Awhile back, when I got my Fair Isle (post to come later) sweater yarn, I had also purchased yarn to make the purse. It's taking me awhile to collect all of the items for the bag, like what I'm going to use for the handles, and such, but that's all right because I want to find the right items. Tonight, before my 5 o'clock meeting, I had went to JoAnn Fabrics and walked passed the beaded section. Some of the larger wooden items caught my attention and I had purchased the items that are in the picture. I think that they are neat and will look good with the bag. I'm thinking of doing two of the smaller beads between each of the larger ones. My next step is to find something sturdy enough to thread through each of them and to decide if i want to add anything else to it. I know that my yarn color choice is very similar to the one in the picture, but I thought that the colors were very attractive. This project will probably take me awhile to finish, like all of the others, but I believe that I will be pleased with it once I've figured out my handle situation out.

27 August 2007

Hand bag

Here's my finished product for my hand bag. It's even lined and it has a zipper. The only downer about is that I wished that I would have made the handbag longer near the handles, so I could have lined around the handle openings to make it firmer. Other than that, it worked out well for the reception. I may try to reinforce the handles anyways.