22 February 2010

Stress + School = Knitted Purse

So, 2nd tri finals are finally here. Add a little stress to the mix of things and this is what you get:

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted (2) M115 Oatmeal & (1) M185 Aubergine
Pattern: Damask by Berroco
Needles: US 10 Circulars 29"

After 2 finals last Friday and being pretty stressed, I needed to something, so I decided to knit. My current cast-ons, however, require too much thinking. I scrounged around in my stash and decided upon Damask. I bought the yarn a long time ago (I don't even remember exactly - looking back, it seems like 2007, wow) at Lakeside Fibers in Madison, WI. I casted on and am nearly half way done with the knitting portion. It is working out pretty well. I am a little worried though because I don't think that I will have enough yarn. On ravelry, people have used Lamb's Pride Worsted and one person used 3 skeins of the main color and another person got by with 2. Currently I'm a little over eight inches with a mini size bouncy ball's worth of yarn of the first skein. I'm hoping that my next skein will last until the project is finished, all 18" of it. Unfortunately, I don't think that getting another Oatmeal color would be a good option because the dye lot would be a few years different. I guess if I run out early with the oatmeal I could potentially do a border with the burgundy color - that could work. I'll have to see though where I end up with the chart.

I often wondered why the name Damask, and now I know.

I've started to pack for home already and my knitting bin is ready to go:

16 February 2010

Bib for Emma

Cheryl, from school is having a baby girl (Emma) and I felt like making something for her. Originally my mom was going to just make something, but I wanted to contribute too. I found some cotton yarn in my stash last week and a pattern that worked out nicely. What was nice about this project was that I was able to finish it while watching TV. I hope she likes it.

Yarn: 1 (2 oz) ball Peaches n' Cream from Pisgah Yarn & Dying Co., Inc (Pink Lilacs 159 & Winter Berry 170)
Pattern: Baby Bib o' Love from MasonDixon Knitting
Needles: US 6
Buttons: 7/8 in.

15 February 2010

Happy End of 2nd Tri Yarn

Yes, yes... more yarn. I've decided to treat myself at the end of each tri for the accomplishments that I've completed during the past four treacherous months with yarn - hey, better than food. Remember now, one can never have enough yarn, even though most of it is considered "stash/hibernating" - at least I have a purpose for all of the yarn that I have. Here you have it:

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi 107 Autumn Harvest
Pattern: Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat & Mittens