28 November 2010

Bunch o' Finished Projects

I went home for Thanksgiving and come back to school with a bunch of finished projects. Most of the projects were already knitted when I went home, they just needed to be blocked. The project that I finished knitting this weekend was the Wool Festival Hat. I also "finished" the horizontal cowl for the 2nd time, but after I blocked it, it measured more than I bargained for, so I have to start over. Alrighty, here we go with a bunch of finished projects:

Purple Clutch

Yarn: 2 skeins Cascade 220 (7811 Purple Jewel Heather)
Pattern: Inca Felted Clutch by Leigh Radford
Needles: US 10 29" circs
Misc: Black 14" zipper, 1.5" button, purse snap, fabric for lining

This project is finally finished. It was pretty easy, although the directions are a little weird. The picture w/ the dimensions don’t match what is written in text for the pattern. When felted, the “center” of the flap isn’t really in center of the purse. Next time, I would take this pattern and use it as a guideline and write my own. Not sure if whomever wrote this and edited it had a little too many grasshoppers at Thanksgiving or what. Also, before you felt, make sure you sew the flaps that you created down (bottom of clutch) so it felts all together nicely. I didn’t go with the ribbon around as it encloses the purse, but went with a snap (off-centered) and a 1.5” button (centered). The clutch is also lined and has a 14” zipper.

Finished: 7.5” x 13” (when closed)

Bella's Mittens:

Yarn: 2 skeins Cascade Yarns 109 LE Bulky
Pattern: Bella's Mittens by Marielle Henault
Needles: US 7 DPN

Charcoal Leg Warmers
Yarn: 2 skeins Brown Sheep Burly Spun (Charcoal Heather)
Leg Warmers: Daisy Rib Buttoned Legwarmers by Sarah Wilson
Needles: US 13
Misc: (8) 1 1/8" buttons

This is a really easy knit; I finished one in just a day. Going to start the other one tomorrow. Once I finish them both I’m going to block it before I sew buttons on to hopefully stretch it width wise (I have stalky calves, unfortunately).

I love “vintage” buttons, I picked these.

Finished size: 16”x20”

I may have one concern, but it's minor. The leg warmers do go above my knees a bit; I guess my legs are a bit vertically challenged.

Finally, my Wool Festival Hat

arn: Pilgrim from Briar Rose Fibers
Pattern: Sarah by Ariane Caron-Lacoste
Needles: US 4 & 6 Circs

I don’t remember why I used US 6 needles, the pattern called for US 7. Anyhow, the body of the hat was knitted in US 6.

The pattern was really easy to follow. Occasionally I mucked up on a few rows due to losing track what I was doing, but each row pattern was really easy to memorize (pattern is reverse as you knit along the row).

Well, that's about it folks. I think that from now on, I can't start any new projects; I should "try" to finish some projects that I've already started. Note I said "TRY"; I can't guarantee that it'll happen ;-)

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