20 May 2007

Red Scarf Project 2008

It's almost Fair time and also the perfect time to start/finish one of my scarves for the Red Scarf Project 2008 (http://www.orphan.org/index.php?id=40). My last scarf was lovely, although I want to take it up a step as far as my knitting ability goes for this next scarf. I started this Celtic Cable Scarf yesterday and it's rolling in at approximately 4.5 inches, only 55.5 more inches to go. In the middle of the scarf, there is the Celtic weave and at the edges there is a cabled braid. I'm looking froward to when this scarf is complete and I hope that I finish it before the Fair this July.

Fair? Well, in my youthful days, I was a 4-Her and entered lots of 4-H projects at multiple Fairs. Now that I'm too old to be an official 4-Her and enter the projects in the junior department, I enter projects in the open class department at a local Fair that I have been helping out at for years. This is why I said that it would be a wonderful time to start/finish a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, so I can actually enter one of my scarves. Obviously, I can't enter my previous scarf because it is in someone's hands somewhere across the nation. I would like to enter my shrug that I'm knitting, but I don't think that I will finish it in time before Fair, so I've decided to knit this scarf instead - I can probably finish this before I would have finished the shrug.

I just learned to cable this winter, when I was knitting my blue bobbled sweater and actually it's very easy. I've been looking at pattern books and have been seeing Celtic cabled sweaters and loved the pattern of the Celtic weave, so I wanted to give it a try, plus at the same time I'd be improving my cabling skills. I am very proud of this scarf so far, and I hope its future owner will be too.

During my lunch breaks at the hospital, I hope to be knitting a bit to make this process in finishing the scarf faster. Currently, it's taking awhile because I'm working on size 4 needles. It will be an enjoyable project never-the-less.

Off to knit some more.