23 June 2010

I can actually knit.... now that the trimester is finally over!

Wow, it's been awhile. I really haven't had much time to knit over the last few months, but I did manage to start some projects and put them on the back burner.

Originally I was going to make felted hot pads for Susie's Bridal shower gift out of the Berkshire Bulky Yarn, but decided against it, as I believe that I mentioned before. I intended to make the Shalom Cardigan by Meghan McFarlane, but the pattern called for a 32" bust, and I didn't want to futz with it. Well that's an understatement for my next decision. I decided to pursue to knit Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus. Oh boy, did I get myself in trouble or what?

The pattern given really wasn't much and I wanted my project to turn out correctly the first time around, so I also followed the Top Down Raglan Sweater Generator by Knitting Fool for specific cast on instructions, etc. The funny thing is I started off knitting the "loose" fitting portion and realized that was way too big. So I frogged everything until it measured 17 inches from shoulder to shoulder. I can't even remember what I did because I started it during my March break. My intent was to already have it finished, but that clearly didn't happen. I'll have to update the specific details later, but here are some pictures. I believe these pictures were taken before some major frogging, but I can't recall - I should probably take a look at the project again since I have some time on my hands.

Since Buttony required so much concentration, I casted on another project.

Pattern: Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace (2 skeins - Hollyhock)
Needles: US 6

I must admit, it is a slow going project, but it's my first time knitting with lace weight, so it's going all right. I haven't gotten very far and hopefully before pigs fly I will finish it, amongst every other project that I start.

I also started to spin from my drop spindle that I bought eons ago. I watched some youtube videos to refresh my mind about the concept and tried it without pre-drafting, but it wasn't successful. Then I read some books that I got from the library and learned about pre-drafting and it is turning out better, but it is still a slow going process. I'm having a hard time keeping my spindle spinning without spinning in the counter clockwise position. Also, I clearly can't keep the same gauge, but with some practice and time, hopefully I will be able to get a whole lot better. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but here are some pictures.

The current "yarn" product

Predrafted Roving

Initial Spinning Product

I only hope it turns out better and that I can perfect the process and make something that I can be proud of. I know that the "novelty" yarn is also nice, but the accomplishing perfection of a steady gauge would be absolutely wonderful that I hope happens.

So after every trimester, my reward to myself is yarn. Well my mom found a traditional Ashford Spinning Wheel on Craigslist and I called about it, but the lady was supposed to call me back, but never did. If the spinning wheel worked out that would have been my reward for completing 3rd tri successfully, but it never worked out, so I picked out "some" yarn instead. The more that I think about it the happier that it didn't turn out because the spinning wheel that she was selling didn't have the original flier and I'm not sure if the traditional would work out the best as far as ergonomics go. The traditional would require treadling with the right foot on one far side and then spinning the yarn through the orifice with the flier on the far left side. I'm not really sure how comfortable that really will be in the long run. I'm wondering if I want something with the treadle directly under the flier, where the yarn is spun. As they say, it is best to try a bunch out before buying a spinning wheel. In addition - people if you say that you are going to call someone back, don't be rude and not follow through.

I must admit that I start and set aside tons of projects, but I did start and finish a project this summer already, even if it was a really small one.

Pattern: Basic Dishrag by Jennifer Jackson
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Cotton Chenille Solid (Blue, Green, Yellow)
Needles: US 6

I was just using scrap yarn and this is what I came up with- a face cloth.

Well, that's all that I have for now folks. I hope to finish some more projects later. I also have to start studying for boards and learn my basic Activator protocol.