06 February 2007

Chas' Hat part 2

I finished Chas' hat today and then took it out. It was too big. I'm still learning with getting the right guage. Must remember, yarn stretches. I probably won't start Chas' hat until tomorrow night or so.

05 February 2007

Chas' Hat

Here's Chas' hat so far; I just started it this past Saturday. I am not really following a pattern - just making things up as I go. Last December, I did make a swatch using 9 US needles, got the guage and measured around my head to get the approximate stitches. Other than that, I'm doing what looks good and what will work best. I think that this is simple enough for Chaser - I hope; if not I'm not how much simpler one can get. The hardest part will probably be the crown; I may have to do a lot of thinking on this one. We'll see. I just hope to get it done before next week Monday - that's when I go home next and I'm hoping to give it to my brother then.
Well, thus far it's turning out all right, I just hope that the crown won't be frustrating.

03 February 2007

Hat Complete

I finished the hat today and still have some yarn to spare, not enough to do anything major unfortunately, but that is to be expected. After awhile, the bobbles became easier to make. I do have to say that it is a cute hat, but I'm not in favor of it. The reason is because I like to wear hats more snug around my head (for warmth reasons - there's just something about a more snug fitting hat that keeps my ears warmer and that it blocks the wind more) and this one is too lose for my liking. I should have made the smaller option, but oh well. We all make projects that we aren't particularly fond of or rather just don't work for ourselves. I think that I am going to give it to my mom the next time I go home. She likes her hat looser and I think that this hat will fit her head better than mine. It's done that's what makes me happy. It was a free ball of yarn, I can't complain. The next project is finishing my brother's hat, which I certainly after all of the work that I put into it that it fits. I've now made two hats that are too big for the people that it was intended for. Maybe I just have this thing with hats. Oh well.