05 February 2007

Chas' Hat

Here's Chas' hat so far; I just started it this past Saturday. I am not really following a pattern - just making things up as I go. Last December, I did make a swatch using 9 US needles, got the guage and measured around my head to get the approximate stitches. Other than that, I'm doing what looks good and what will work best. I think that this is simple enough for Chaser - I hope; if not I'm not how much simpler one can get. The hardest part will probably be the crown; I may have to do a lot of thinking on this one. We'll see. I just hope to get it done before next week Monday - that's when I go home next and I'm hoping to give it to my brother then.
Well, thus far it's turning out all right, I just hope that the crown won't be frustrating.

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