03 December 2006

Face Cloths

Last week Tuesday, when I made my bi-weekly trip to Madison, I ended up stopping at my primary local yarn shop; Lakeside Fiber in search for some 100% Cotton Chenille to make face cloths for Christmas gifts. It ended up being a waste of a trip because they only had it in creme, which was sold by the ounce. I then went to the Stitcher's Crossing on the west side and purchased 2 skeins of Crystal Palace 100% Cotton Chenille, one in green and the other in blue. It wasn't the Chenille that I had pictured, but it did the job. The Crystal Palace Chenille is thinner than I would have liked. I have a face cloth, knitted by my mom and she used some Chenille purchased at Lakeside Fiber that is much thicker and she was able to knit two face cloths out of one skein (I believe).

I was only able to knit four face cloths out of the two skeins purchased. I was hoping to get four, so I may have to go back to the shop when I'm in Madison this Thursday to pick up the same green and blue again - if I have a face cloth for myself, there's nothing wrong with that because it feels so good against your face.

For Crystal Palace Yarn: size 6 needles

For the two-tone face cloth, I worked the pattern in green until the needle had 40 stitches, used blue and worked the pattern until the decrease 40/41 stitches on the needle, and then the green for the remainder of the pattern. I probably would have done my two tone face cloth a little differently, but I made up the pattern on the fly to get it done because I had ripped it out several times (experimenting with needle sizes) and was kind of fed up with it. Overall, the two-tone face cloth worked out well.
I noticed that Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick has a flowered face cloth pattern, which specifically uses the Crystal Pattern yarn. Maybe one of these days, I'll try that pattern out.