07 June 2009

Palmer College of Chiropractic

I officially got accepted to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. YAY!!! I'm really excited, extremely nervous, but excited. School starts on 13 July, so I'm in for a short summer. I better knit away.

Snow Flake and Square Mittens

I meant to post this when I got the yarn, but finals, graduation, moving, and the infamous spring cleaning gone bonkers sort of came up. My roommate went to Galena with her parents a week before graduation and they found their way into FiberWild, the yarn shop. As it turned out, Amy, the owner of FiberWild, is going to publish a book and she was looking for testers and my roommate told Amy that I could be a possible tester. I went to Galena after graduation and picked out a pattern and yarn - this is so exciting. Unfortunately, this project sort of started off on such a late start because of going through the house at home and just cleaning everything (going through stuff and getting ready for a garage sale).

To be frank, I've never done fair isle mittens, nor top down mittens. The only fair isle project that I've ever done was the sweater, which was "fairly easy" - pun intended. I found a more user friendly method for the turkish cast on, well actually I took a method from online and part of Amy's directions and blended them together for an easier cast on. The thing that I like about the cast on that I found online is that you do a slip knot so your work won't come apart. The thing I don't like about these directions or something that I found didn't work so well was the end: step 3 into step 4. I could never get the correct amount of stitches on each needle when doing this, I would always be off by one on a needle. Well, the cast on was not a problem, it was pretty simple and quite nice. I must say, I've started this project three times already. Twice on size four needles, and once on size five. With the size five needles, I was off by an inch for my gauge. I have casted on a size six needles, so hopefully this time is the charm. What I have gotten done so far, and then took out was very pretty.

I really like doing fair isle. It sort of does look intimidating, but it really is easy. I find that patterns that I have to pay more attention to seem to go a lot faster for some reason. It could be just me, who knows.

More knitting tomorrow.

Classic Elite Yarns - Fresco
(1) Sweet Lilac
(1) Purple Haze
(1) Pea Pod
(2) size 6 29"circs
Snow Flake and Square Mittens from FiberWild by Amy