11 April 2007

Felted Knitting Needle Case

My felted knitting needle case is now complete. I've been working on it for awhile now. During my spring break, I knitted, felted, and left it at home to dry. I had pictures from the start, but unfortunately I can't find those pictures on either of my two cameras. I can however find pictures of veins/arteries models and models of hearts that I was studying, but I'm sure that isn't as interesting to any of you guys since this is a knitting blog after all. Just this past weekend, I picked out fabric and something to close the case. I am very proud of my straight lines that I sewed. I also searched through the button stash at home, sewed some on to add some flare and I sewed snaps on to keep the flap from moving about. It was good project for my first time felting something. I especially like it because now all of my needles are in one place!!

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