15 January 2009

Christmas Gift

For Christmas, I ended up getting 10 balls of Berroco Mohair Classic, color 7903/Violet - now discontinued. The yarn has a lovely texture to it, but I'm wondering if the Violet will be a bit too much. Do not get me wrong, purple is my most favorite color, I mean, my bedroom walls are painted two different shades of purple, I have purple curtains, and my favorite quilt is purple. It should be lovely knitted out though. I have a binder of printed off patterns that and my mom went through it and purchased this yarn for the Donna Sweater. I think that the sweater will look beautiful no matter what - it reminds me of the type where you sit in a comfortable chair with a blanket, hot chocolate, a cat sitting on your lap, reading next to the fire kind of sweater. Anyways, I like it.

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