15 January 2009

Polish Yarn

Near school, there were three knitting shops, but I only went to two (Poland doesn't have much of a natural fiber collection, so I didn't go to the shops often). The shops weren't homey like the ones here. Anyways, during my last week and a half in Krakow, I went to the better of the two that I popped my head in and found 100% Wool yarn (Merinos) that is made in Czestochowa, Poland - where the Black Madonna is. The company that makes the yarn is Inter-Fox. I bought four balls of the charcoal yarn and have no idea what to make out of it, except I want to make a scarf. I have no idea of how many yards/meters that it has, nor do I know the gauge or what needle size to use. I'll figure it out though. When I bought the yarn, it actually smelt like the barn, but now that it has been at home airing, it is starting to smell better. After completing my project, I will have to wash it before wearing it.

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