16 January 2009

Purple Socks - Off the beaten path

After having to frog basically half of my project yesterday, I needed to take a break from the wristlets, so I picked up my purple socks again. I probably only got 20 or so rows into the project from where I started off, but it is looking nice so far. For my first sock ever, thus off the beaten path, it was a good one. The thing that I don't like about it though is the 2 inch cuff (k,p), I think that it looks rather funny with the 4x2 ribbing. But like I said, this is my first pair of socks, ever, so it was an easy pattern, but still had some texture to it. I think that when I first started this project, I had to knit so many swatches to find the correct gauge. Of course that happens with every pattern of mine. I tend to have a tighter gauge than "normal," so the beginning of each project is a pain. Often times I'll have to have my mother cast on because her gauge is looser, especially if I'm casting onto circular needles. For example, I tried casting on for my Irish hiking scarf, but oh my gosh, I was too tight that I couldn't even move the stitches around. I read somewhere though, I think it was from my stitch-n-bitch day calendar (from 2008) that if you tend to knit a tight gauge, then cast on over two needles instead of the one. I think that I may have to try that. Speaking of gauge, mine used to be so much worse when I started to knit (back when I was 9). My first project was a scarf (would not recommend as a first project when you are a kid - takes too long, which is why I didn't knit until I was 18) and I would knit so tight that I couldn't even get the needles through the stitch. My hands would get so sweaty that I'd have to keep on washing my needles, so the yarn wouldn't get all nasty (wooden needles are the best - I will not use metal needles if I can't help it). Now my gauge is loose enough where I can stick my needle through, and just right in some cases. With my U-neck, I wish it was looser, especially with the body of the vest, but oh well. Nice tangent, yes, but anyways, this is my sock thus far.

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