15 January 2009

Blue Wristlets - Christmas Gift ... past due

Okay, so it has literally been six months since I've knitted a different project other than my Irish Hiking Scarf, which means that is has been six months since I've knitted a wristlet. I never did write down which needles that I've used for the project. So when I started the blue wristlets tonight, I used size 10 dpn, but from comparing it to my wristlets, my guess was wrong. I was seriously 20 rows from being done with one wristlet... man, I'm a little frustrated right now. What I should have done was grabbed different sizes of dpns and placed it through my previous project to see which size was right. Oh my, oh well - I will start again tomorrow. Now I know what size I used for dpns: size 7 (Berkshire Yarn).

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