12 September 2009

Sock Keepers

Today, I went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI with my mother and family friends. Last year, I missed it because I was in Europe for the semester, so it was really exciting to go again. While at the wool festival, I had my eye out for something called the Knitzi; it holds your DPN and sock project safely, so nothing gets broken. Unfortunately, I didn't find that- I really think that they are cool, but I found something similar from the Knitting Notions vendor. I really like the contrast between the walnut (dark wood) and the oak (light wood), but the whole string concept sort of frightens me because somehow I think that the needles are going to fall out and break, but that probably won't happen. I also like the sleekness of the Knitzi. Aside from liking the Knitzi, I am really happy with my find and I think that they will work just fine. It certainly beats already breaking $20 worth of needles. This concept would also be extremely easy to make - easier than the knitzi at least.

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