12 September 2009

Lace Ribbon Scarf

At the Wool festival, I was looking for some yarn for the Lace Ribbon Scarf pattern from knitty. There were a lot of pretty yarns at the festival of course, but way too expensive for a scarf and with my "I'm in graduate school circumstances." I could have gotten some gorgeous yarn for the scarf for $80, but for a scarf right now, I don't think so. I'll drop that much on a sweater or something, but not a scarf right now. After looking around, I noticed that Blackberry Ridge was one of the vendors, and they are not more than 20 minutes from my house; except they are only open a few times a year - I believe they mostly do online sales. Anyways, they have nice yarn for a better price. I saw the green and loved it; it will just make my eyes pop. They had a few blues that were very pretty, but unfortunately, it seems like my whole wardrobe is filled with blues. Blue isn't even my favorite color, purple and pink is. I haven't a clue when I will start the scarf since I have to finish the mittens first and maybe finish a few projects after that, but why not add a few more projects to the stash; I guess I will never get bored at least. My biggest problem is fining more time to knit, my knitting time is so limited due to a 31 credit load program. Even with an undergraduate credit load, it was sometimes difficult, depending on what was going on. This is why I have such a BIG stash and it seems like I get more yarn than I finish projects. The snowflake mittens will get done though.

(2) Blackberry Ridge Wool/Silk Lace Weight

Lace Ribbon Scarf


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