12 September 2009

Summer Wave Tank

At the wool festival, I told Vicki, my mom's friend, that I'd like to look at Briar Rose and I'd probably get into some trouble there. All of their things on display were very pretty, but the vest seemed to really stand out - maybe I am in just a really big vest mood or something? I like the lace edge at the bottom and the yarn that I picked out is just gorgeous. There was also a pretty cardigan sweater, but this would have probably hit the bank a little bit less. Anyways, I had a wonderful day at the festival, I am glad that I was able to attend. Hopefully next year I'll be able to go again; depending on how Boards go, if I have to take them or not. I found some great yarn and saw some georgous yarn too. It was just a huge candy store sort of day that was just beautiful.

Briar Rose Legend

Summer Wave Tank from Briar Rose Fibers


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