14 September 2009

Back in Davenport after a great long weekend at home

After not having to study or do homework for four days, it certainly was hard to come back to school. After I unpacked, draped my damp laundry over my kitchen chairs because I didn't want to get out the drying rack, went grocery shopping, etc, I decided to wind my yarn up. Unfortunately, I looked at my Briar Rose yarn and decided that my ball winder would not be able to do the job. I think I'll have to either wind the yarn up as much as I can with the ball winder and then wind it manually by hand, which will probably happen. The other option is to just knit the project while the yarn is on the swift. Either way, the vest will not be the first thing that I knit after my mittens. I do have this whole bin of started projects that I should attempt to finish first before I start anything new. With most of my projects, it's like my C1 is out and I cannot concentrate on just one project, I must move on to more. Now with all of my new yarn, my C1 is out for the entire bin of projcts that have been started and must be completed eventually. (When referring to my C1, I'm speaking of my 1st cervical vertebrae - chiropractic talk).

It felt so good for some reason to use my swift again, certainly beats winding up my yarn by hand.

My new sock keeper works nicely with my socks; in the previous picture, I was just trying it out with my mom's socks.

Now that my yarn has been put away, I'm finding that my normal green bins that store my yarn is full. I've had to move to my striped bins, some of them are empty, but they are used for books, buttons, needles, etc. I suppose it happens all of the time where people run out of space before they get to their projects. I don't want to be in denial and say that I don't have too much yarn - that would be crazy because of course one can never have too much yarn. Well, okay so it would be nice to say that I don't have too much yarn, but I really should finish some projects. At least I don't go yarn shopping all that often. The last time I bought yarn was for my mom's birthday, which was last week. Before that, I was in Boston last December/January and purchased yarn on Newberry St. Awe man, I'd love to go to Boston right now.

I got my mom the Fiddlehead Mitten pattern and yarn from The Yarn Shoppe in Davenport. Her hands get really cold in the WI winters and due to slight frostbite from years back, I'm hoping that these lined mittens will do the trick. This will be her first fair isle pattern, so I think I picked out a good one for her.

Time to work on homework now.


Fern said...

I like your use of photos in your blog! They're pretty. Looks like you've got quite a few projects on your hands too.

Nicole said...

Thank you. I am glad to say that I completed one of my projects, so I can at least check one off the list.