31 October 2009

Felting and What was I thinking?

I've been meaning to make a post about all of my knitting adventures, but I just couldn't until now. I've been at school for two weeks now, and it looks like it's going to be a tough trimester. Unfortunately, this tri so far, the knitting has been set aside, and I've been concentrating on studying, getting enough sleep, and most importantly, eating correctly - the goal is to stay healthy this semester. If my goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle as a chiropractor, then I better present myself as one by eating the right foods and remaining trim. I've also been distracted from posting because my new neighbor, a firefighter from New England (Palmer Student) made me lasagna the other night. Anyways, here are all of my knitting treasures so far:

Yarn: Cascasde 220 Wisteria (leftover from my felted slippers)
Pattern:"Out of the Frying Pan" by Amy E. Anderson from the Madison's Knitters Guild
Needle: US 9 dpn

I ended up frogging the project from my last posting because I messed up big time. This one is actually correct. It knitted up beautifully and felted nicely as well. I have a few concerns for it though. The thumb is a little too big for my hands, so I wouldn't knit as many rows next time. In addition, I don't think that the name "Oven Mitt" is well suited for worsted weight. I cook a lot of things in my oven with my Pampered Chef Stone and coming from the oven to the stove top, I'm starting to feel the heat through the mitt. It may work better for just stove top items, but I'm also not sure how well it works with cast iron, as I haven't had the chance to use it for that quiet yet. I would either knit with two worsted weight strands together, or just knit in a bulky weight for true heat protection. I suppose one could line it, but that seems to be a waste of time to me. Either way, it was a nice pattern and really easy to knit up, plus in my opinion it looks really nice and doesn't necessarily look handmade.

My clogs have finally been felted, but they are still at home becuase I have to put the suede soles on them. The suede that I got in Richland Center won't work for my color scheme, but it should work for my mom's clogs. My mom has an old suede jacket that is showing some wear and tear, so I'll probably use that for my soles. Hopefully over thanksgiving break, I'll be able to finish them and wear them this winter.

Yarn: Cascade 220 (2 Wisteria and 2 Sage)
Pattern: Fiber Trends Felt Clogs AC-33
Needle: US 13 circs (13" and 29")

When I got back to school, I had wonderful yarn in my mail box. Now I have pictures to share. I have no idea when I will start these projects, but the yarn is still pretty nevertheless.

Yarn: Araucania Rancho #101 Purple
Pattern: Monkey Socks by Cookie A
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert

Over break, I was also knitting a pair of socks. I got to the heel, but then had to frog that part out because I lost track of where I was. I am following two patterns, and using percentages for increasing and how much to knit in a row, it does get confusing. I'll post about the specifics of my sock later once I've finished it.

Yarn: Berroco Sox (Johnny Moore 1425)
Pattern: Slip Stitch Heal Basic Socks by Wendy Johnson AND Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula by Amy Swenson
Needles: US 2 dpn

My first week back, I went to the Quad City Stitch and Bitch at the Bettendorf, IA library. It was a lot of fun, but with the amount of studying that I have to do, I don't know how often I'll be able to go.

Anyways, I must go; I have more studying to do. Hopefully I'll be able to knit soon.

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