21 November 2009

Susie's Wedding Shower Gift

I'm not going to say what I'm making for my friend, but I can at least show what the yarn looks like. My friend Susie is getting married this May and I am in her wedding. This is part of her gift for the shower. The only thing that I will say is that I will be making four items from this yarn and that it will be felted.

I am hoping to start this project over Thanksgiving break, but I have two exams the following week, so a great deal of my weekend will be spent studying. The sad thing is I haven't even gotten a chance to knit in the last two and a half weeks. I would at least like to make one thing this weekend, we'll see though.

Yarn: (3) Valley Yarn Berkshire Bulky (23 Eggplant)
Pattern: TBA
Needle Size: US 13

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