27 November 2009

Christmas Stocking

In addition to the yarn for Susie's Wedding Shower gift, I got yarn to make a Christmas Stocking for my apartment at Palmer. I started it a few days ago and am liking it thus far. I will hopefully finish it this weekend, so I may hang it up in my Apartment and enjoy what little Christmas decorations I will have at school. I suppose the Christmas decorations that we have at home makes up for my lack-there-of at school.

Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky
(3) 23 Eggplant
(2) 24 Light Blue
Needles: US 10

I do realize that these colors really aren't that traditional, but who says that I have to be traditional about Christmas anyways? The more that tought about it and worked on the project, I realized that the purple matches Palmer's school colors, so it's appropriate, I suppose. Plus purple is my favorite color and I guess that I had to work it into my decor somehow, so I guess this was it. The light blue reminded me of one of those blue's that you'd find on a cartoon with glisteny blue snow.


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