19 October 2009

Finals are nearly over

I have taken three finals so far and I only have four more to go. I cannot wait to head on home on Wednesday after my last final. I especially can't wait to see my kitty (Piper), that I'm unfortunately allergic to (found out this summer). In addition knitting, sleeping, and doing a little extra walking will be on my list of things to do.

Before I went to Europe to live in Poland for a semester, I took a whole bunch of pictures of Pipes and this was one of them; one of my favorites.

She loves the Sun Room

Right before I came to Palmer, I found out that I was allergic to cats (RAST test was performed), so obviously I wasn't going to get rid of my lovely kitty of nine years. Instead she was booted out of my room and I have to wash after I handle her, etc. She usually found a nice warm spot in my bed, but since that is no longer an option, she had to resort to something else. Call me obsessed, but I call my cat and like to talk. My mom couldn't find her for such a long time, and this is where she ended up.. certainly not in my bed.

The common, I haven't seen Pipes in two months can I have a picture picture.

This was when I was back at school after coming back from Poland. I had gotten into an accident last February and no longer had a car for quite some time, so I couldn't come home as often to see the Pipes. This is the Pipes talking on the phone with me.

Okay, so I miss my kitty; especially taking naps with her, but that doesn't happen anymore.

Anyways, I've decided what to do about the tweady vest. I'm going to make it into a sweater and just add sleeves, I just have to do some math and figure that out, which may take awhile. This break I probably won't be in the mood to do TOO much thinking because of being brain dead from finals and all. I'll probably knit what the pattern calls for and then put it aside for a bit. I'm also going to be doing some felting during break, which means that I will have to think and come up with some type of pattern for a circular needle case and dpn needle case (they will also be felted). I'd also like to continue on reading Anne's House of Dreams (I started reading Anne of Green Gables this summer, but had to stop b/c of school).

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