05 October 2009

Cannot Decide

I really cannot decide.

I JUST realized for some reason that I have:
Unikat by Zitron Color 06 - 5 skeins at 160m each (800 m total, which translates to 875 yds)

Originally, I was going to knit:

Tweedy Vest
Calls for 501m (549 yd)

That leaves 326 yds of some nice expensive yarn. I have a tendency to buy expensive yarn, and I don't know if I want to "waste" it on just a hat. I don't know what I was thinking to begin with with and having 326 yards to spare, then again I was living with "creature" at the time, so that could explain a lot.

This weekend I knitted up to the arm shaping for the vest and realized that I just went through one skein, and thus a problem of the 326 extra.

So here's my next thought:

Knit something to use up all of the yardage and not "waste" it on a gloriously expensive hat and such.

Francis Revisited Sweater which calls for 850 yds
Cozy V-Neck Pullover with Deep Ribbing or (link) which calls for 810 yards


I like the way the Unikat knits up in a pattern, but I'm not sure if I would like it in regular stockingete stitch.


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