07 January 2007

Red Scarf Project

I finally started and finished my scarf for the Red Scarf Project (orphan.org). I absolutely love knitting with this yarn, especially on bamboo needles. The yarn is from Valley Yarns, Berkshire Bulky (85% Wool, 15% Alpaca). I'm knitting a sweater with this yarn, although in blue. I've got the back of the sweater done, but stopped due to other projects that needed to be finished prior to my sweater. I started this scarf on Christmas Day, worked on it all during the drive down to Kentucky, during legislation while I was in Kentucky, and ended up finishing it yesterday night, so it only took me two weeks to finish.

I would have to say that the most time consuming part of the project was finding a pattern for the scarf. I didn't want it to be Plain Jane scarf of course. When I found this faux cable wave pattern, I thought it would work perfect with the yarn and it looks beautiful. It would look even more beautiful if the yarn were variegated, but the yarn chosen only comes in solid colors.

Here's the link to the scarf pattern if anyone is interested in making it:

It's a very simple pattern, just make sure to keep track of all of your rows. The finished length of my scarf was 58 inches and is 6 inches wide (I think I casted on 32 stitches instead of the indicated 28). I also used size 9 US needles and 3 balls of yarn.

Now, I just have to mail the scarf in and it'll be complete.


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