28 January 2007


I ended up getting some free yarn a few months ago and since I am pretty much done with my sweater (I had to get different size dpn, which are an hour away at home), I've decided to use the yarn up. I'm making the hat "Bobbi" from Hip Knit Hats and the pattern is published incorrectly. I've had to futz with the crown several times, until I figured out how to get the amount of stitches that was needed. I've found corrections to the 'Rise' online, which I am now using. I'm currently on the first row of the bobbles and they are a pain in the behind to do. Not that the act of making a bobble is incredibly difficult, but putting all of the stitches over the far most stitch on the left is difficult. My tension tends to be on the looser end of the tight side, so it's not like I can easily move 5 stitches over one stitch. I have a size E crochet hook that I'm using to move all of the stitches over, which makes it easier, but it is still difficult. I've done 13 bobbles thus far and it's going all right, but I can't wait until I complete the last bobble. My goal for today is to complete this row and do the following knitted rows, then I may put the project away for another day, since I have other pressing things to do such as homework/studying. I started this hat Friday, 26.01.07 night and I'm hoping that I don't have to take anything else out on this project since it's already been a pain with the incorrect pattern.

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