10 January 2010

I knitted this weekend to releave some stress

Last week was a bit stressful (Tuesdays Spinal exam) and worry-some in regards to Thursday's events, so I ended up staying in on Friday, instead of going out. I watched movies and I knitted. In the eyes of the non-knitter, that may be a bit sad, but to me it's not. I would rather knit than go out in any stressful situation. I must admit, I'm a bit of a homebody, so that sort of adds to the wanting to stay home and knit sort of thing. Obviously, I'm beyond the gusset. I've continued on with the size 2 needles and tried to loosen up my tension, but unfortunately it wasn't working very well. As Elizabeth Zimmermann said in "The Knitting Workshop," your tension depends on what kind of mood you are in - or something along those lines if I recall correctly. I think that being a little stressed affected my knitting, just a bit. Hopefully after blocking, it will get better.

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