28 December 2009


Here is a mini update on my fiddlehead mittens.

Well, I'm working on size 2 needles and I'm getting 27 sts to 4." The circumference is at 9.25." Unfortunately, I feel like I should leave it alone and just continue on knitting. Usually with fair isle, I was always tight, especially when I carried my yarn over and didn't give it enough room for ease. My fair isle stocking was to practice my fair isle, in addition to this project before I pick up my snow flake test project mittens again. A few rows ago, I started to either knit tighter or not give as much ease when I carry my yarn over and I may continue with my tighter knitting and see how it goes, but we'll see.

I tried to knit with the size 1 at first, but that was a bit too much, especially with the icord cast on, so I switched to the 2's.

I do think that the colors are pretty, but they almost blend too well together, where the colors don't pop out as much as I would have exactly liked, but when I was picking out the color for these mittens, I didn't want to go for the wow WOW factor, but something that didn't stand out too much. My goal was to be able to wear them with multiple things and not just certain things. I feel that I could have probably gone with a brighter purple or something. Next time I guess. They aren't done yet and maybe my eyes are just too tired to concentrate on the colors, but maybe it'll look better/stand out later.

Now I just have to get motivated to start studying.

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